Let’s go to Pomerini, Tanzania together - starting April 12

There are 7,500 miles between Boston, Massachusetts and Pomerini, Tanzania. Register for our virtual move-a-thon fundraiser, #milestopomerini,  to help us raise $7500 - one dollar for every mile between Boston and Pomerini. 


It doesn't matter how you move -- walk, run, bike, swim or even crawl!  There is no fundraising minimum; we encourage you to set your own goal -- and  together we can virtually reach the heart (and hearts) of Pomerini by May 31st.

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Need some inspiration?  

If you plan on walking your dog 1 mile per day every day of the move-a-thon, ask your family and friends to sponsor you for $1 per day ($49).  Or If you bike 10 miles per day, you could set a goal of $490. It's okay if you don't meet your fundraising goal - or if you exceed it!. These are not financial commitments but goals to improve your own health and in the meantime, help a village build a better life.


Every mile moved, each dollar raised has a powerful impact:

  • $20 provides a school uniform

  • $100 miles buys a window on a school building

  • $250 miles equips an entire class with books.

  • $750 miles sends a young girl to school for a year, including room & board.

Don’t forget to share pictures and videos of your walks, bikes and runs on Facebook using the #milestopomerini! It truly takes a village to help a village.


It’s easy to participate – just click on the Register button above to join as an individual – or create a team to achieve a bigger goal.  Set a goal for the amount that you'd like to raise and invite others to join you.  Each individual and team will have their own fundraiser page which you can share.

To make a direct donation or support a registered participant, click on the Donate button above to make a general donation or sponsor a participant by searching for their name.

For more information, visit our website at Africa Exchange Project Website or our Facebook Page, #milestopomerini or email africaexchangeproject@gmail.com.

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In 2020, 96% of all donations went directly to helping the people of Pomerini.  How do we keep our expenses so low?  We are 100% volunteer organization whose members cover most of the operational cost out of their own pockets.   To see how we spend our funds https://africaexchangeproject.org/expenditures.

Post to your personal social media pages as often as you walk/run/bike and use the hashtag #milestopomerini  and be sure to tag @africaexchangeproject.  If you don't already, please follow Africa Exchange Project Facebook page (www.facebook.com/africaexchangeproject).

In your "Thank you for your registration! " email, click on the "View Full Receipt" icon near the bottom of the email. This will take you to a web page with fundraiser web page address.


1) Click on your personal fundraising web page link provided your "Your participant registration is confirmed". 

2) Click on your account icon and choose "My Account"

3) Click on "My Members" tab. Click on the 3 vertical dots on the right side then choose "Edit". A popup window will appear that allows to change many of your account settings.

Yes! The Africa Exchange Project is a 501c3 charity organization.

We have been incorporated as a non-profit charitable organization for three years however our work has spanned a period of 15 years. Prior to becoming a separate non profit organization., Africa Exchange Project was an outreach committee of The Plymouth Church in Framingham.

Through our cultural exchange program started more than 15 years ago, we have developed close personal relationships with the people of Pomerini. Unlike many charitable organizations, we engage in a bilateral exchange of people and ideas.  This allows us to better understand the needs of their community and to empower them to improve their own lives through effective and sustainable collaborative projects Starting with the installation of 43 clean water wells, and continuing with building schools at all levels and supporting school programs, and through support of the healthcare dispensary we made substantial, positive impacts on their daily lives.

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Meet the Organization

The Africa Exchange Project provides access to clean water, quality education and reliable healthcare in Pomerini, Tanzania. Our primary work is building relationships. All projects are chosen and carried out by the people whose lives we improve. We have over a ten year history of successful projects. By donating funds, talents and/or time, you can dramatically change someone’s life.

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